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Pacific Refill Club was founded in May 2020 with a simple mission:

provide businesses with elite-quality products that will improve the experience & satisfaction of their customers, clients and employees. 

Our premium formulations will elevate the look & feel of your business while proving that both health and safety are your priority.

Provide peace of mind for your Customers

Show your concern for health and safety by providing sanitizer at entrances and pay points

Stop the Spread of Germs in your Workplace

Supply personal hand sanitizer for all employees

About Us

Plant-Based Ingredients

We only use plant-based ingredients because they are safer, more gentle, & more effective than their synthetic chemical counterparts. Even our scented products use pure essential oils to omit their beautiful aromas. Our ingredients are sourced from Fair Trade suppliers & co-ops. Our packaging prominently display the percentage of plant-based or natural ingredients used so your customers know the quality of our products.

Premium Formulations

Our formulations are developed with thoughtfulness and care. They contain no fillers, harmful additives, & cheap alternatives. We formulate our products to be effective, gentle, & have a luxurious feel. Not only are they all plant-based, all of our formulations are also vegan & cruelty-free.


Unlike other suppliers, we are actually the manufacturers of our products. We proudly make all our products in Coquitlam, BC Canada. This way, we can ensure you the best quality, best price, & consistent stock for your business. This also allows for us to send you bulk refills of your products to help your business become more sustainable by cutting down on single-use plastic.